Thursday, September 17, 2009


Describe your initial reaction to the film. What struck you or surprised you? What do you think the conflict it shows is "really" about? What views of America in relation to the world are presented in the film

I already knew about the conflict with immigrants in long island but I had no idea how much controversy surrounded it.I was suprised at how many people were fighting against the day laborers.I was also happy to hear that the laborers joined together to fight this injustice.They also went out of their way to show the community that they don't mean harm and are simply there to work.I think that the people are more concerned about getting them out of their neighborhoods rather then finding a solution that benefits everyone.The work that these people do far surpasses what many americas are willing to do.We should respect these people for the strives that they make.A friend of mine told me you will NEVER see a homeless mexican in new york because they always have more then one job.They are just like us with families to attend to.That's not something to argue about.