Thursday, November 5, 2009


The country I am interested in is Haiti.I am interested in this country and its relationship to the U.S because it is a prime example of how america uses force to gain power.I also believe that the occupation of the island is similar to the current events envolving in Iraq.A big thing that struck me was the U.S. dening freedom of speech,took control of haitian finances,installed a puppet president,and ultimatly held them under occupation for 18 years. Haiti was also the and oldest independent nation and I think it was slap in the face to control them after gaining freedom. Something else that struck me was the fact that although the U.S. treated Haiti that way they insisted it was in their best interest.Haiti is a perfect example of America as an imperial power.Something that I want to know is if I can draw any connections between the increase in America's economy during Haitian occupation.