Thursday, October 1, 2009

Life and Debt

- Do you think Life and Debt shows an example of colonialism? Why or why not? How does it compare to other forms of colonialism we've talked about in the cluster?- Who has the power in the film? How do they hang on to it? What do you think the Jamaicans (either the government or the people) could do to challenge it?- What connections do you see betwen this film and other cluster texts? Be specific.

I think that life and debt do show some examples of colonialism.Britain felt as though Jamaica had an obligation to them since they had a past as a british colony.It compares to other forms of colonialism because they have strong ties to eachother,economicly and politicaly.The people who had power in the film were the IMF.They control the legal rights to all aspects of currency.The Jamaicans had to comply with them because Britian had an obligation to them,and they had an obligation to Britian.The connection that i see in all the texts is the government is just trying to get money.

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