Thursday, October 29, 2009

Morales is abandoning traditional ways of running the government and doing things to directly help his people. His unconventional way of government has labled him anti-american. The Only reason why they might call him anti-American is because he no longer wants to cooperate with the amirican system that made his country poor.The term populist,used to also describe morales, is because he is listening to the people and they have the same intrests.However he has also been called a demagogue for using people emotions to gain political power.I feel that if the government hadent destroyed their economy the people would have lived decent lives and would not have needed change.Many countries try to build a relationship with the U.S. in hopes that it would help them prosper but Morales has seen that that idea dosent benifit anyone except the U.S. I do not think that the fears of morales being in power are jusified because all the fears are based on the fact that he was a political activist. Morales did not have a previous position in the government and that worried other officials, but because of the demand of his people he won his place in office. I suppose I could understand the initial reaction of having a leader that openly spoke out against the government. Just because foregin countries are no longer abiding by the system that benifits the U.S. does not make it a bad plan.The people are finally breaking away and enriching their life as opposed to working to enrich America's life."Opon taking office Morlaes cut his own presidential salery by more then half,condeming corruption and the pillaging of the country" (259).That action by morales shows he truly is acting on the intrest of his country.

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  1. Great overview - this really points to a question Mark raised in his talk today - do these changes have to be a threat to the U.S.? Could the U.S. evolve into a friend that could welcome these changes? Or is it best for the world it he U.S. plays less of a role?