Thursday, October 22, 2009


For centuries, countries have used wars to demonstrate their strength and ability. We hve now realized that we can no longer afford to have enemies.Countries decided that it's easier to provide a service that they can profit from by attracting a global audience. By giving back to the people,countries can instead shift their image of an imperial power to that of a provider.America is known for it's fast food cahin,McDonalds. McDonalds has represented America for years. With over fifteen thousand restaurants in the U.S. alone and more than one hundred and seventeen overseas, some believe that it represents "a junk culture" and "the banilty of capitalism". I believe that McDonalds represents the failure of America as a provider.It has failed to provide appropiate food yet continues to spread. The power of a franchise is more mental.It aims to give you a preception of the supplier.
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For centeries, America has constantly been compeating with other countries in order to demonstrateits strength and ability. It has been able to maintain on top,partly due to the fact that it realized it could no longer afford to have enemies. With that, America decided its easier to provide a service it can profit from by attacting a global audience.By doing this America's image can be shifted from an Imperial power to that of a provider. One service that could be appriacated globally is food. America realized it can buy it's image by selling something thats supposed to "represent" them. With this idea in place America became the bithplace of the franchise, McDonald's.With over Fifteen thousands restaurants in the U.S. alone and over one hundred and seventeen overseas, McDonald's Became known as a staple of "American" food. But what happens when your product is not up to par,and thus, shows your failure? America shamefully allows McDonalds to ruin its image,all for profits. This shows other countries that we don't care about the service we give them as long as we can profit from it.That creates a new image for us, and with that,new tension between countries.

The mental power influences peoples lives.brainwashing??

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